Christopher B. Enck, Esq. 

  A Christ-centered attorney in central Pennsylvania

My Testimony:   I was born into the typical family of the time- my dad worked and my mom stayed home with me and my younger sister.  My youth was filled with the normal activities: sports and music lessons.  We attended church irregularly, yet at the age of 12 I accepted Jesus into my heart during a summer Bible School program.  Even then, I was confused.  You see, I was a budding musician- trumpet was my instrument- but I was more into jazz, which was not considered a sacred undertaking.  But since we rarely attended church anyway- that was more of an academic exercise to me.  


I didn't attend church regularly until I met the woman who would become my wife.  She was raised in the church and played organ and piano in her church regularly.  While she was in college, she found a local congregation in need of an organist.  When we started dating, she convinced my to get out of bed on Sunday mornings and go with her to church.  This was the first time that I became involved in a church music program.  I also started to play my trumpet in church and I discovered Phil Driscoll- a trumpet player of my style who played Christian music!


I became a regular church attender and studied religions while in college, while continuing to work on a degree in Music Education.  After graduation I got a teaching job and I got married.  I went to church and I went to Sunday school, but that deeper connection with my faith was missing.  Eventually, I realized that, although I was interested in music, teaching music was not my calling.  I continued playing trumpet and celebrating His glory through my music.  But I also  met with my minister... we talked and prayed, and I ended up in law school.


Again, things were going well.  I completed law school, passed the bar exam and found a job.  My wife and I adopted two children and the family was going strong.  I became more involved in church and started to study the Bible and pray more regularly.  As I read the Bible and prayed, I realized that God was there all the time... waiting for me.


In the fall of 2012 I got the news.  I was having some "medical issues" and I heard the word "cancer."  Even then, I was calm about it because I knew it wasn't in my hands- but God's.  It was a five centimeter tumor in my colon and it looked like a piece of broccoli.  The next day I went for a battery of tests and that tumor that the doctor had every reason to believe was cancerous contained no cancer... but they couldn't be sure until they removed it AND it had to be removed.  When the tumor was finally removed, there was no cancer- the first miracle!  Ten days later, the ends of my colon separated and I required emergency surgery.  I survived the peritonitis- the second miracle!- but now had to deal with a colostomy and a wound vac.  But God gave me the strength to go on, and, when they told me that I wouldn't be home for Christmas because one of my blood indicators was too high- it dropped in half over night and I was sent home on Christmas eve - miracle number three!  From there, I had the colostomy reversed and was given an ileostomy... at which time they found another raging infection.  I dealt with a six week fever for which the medical experts could find no cause.  And finally the ileostomy was reversed and my "plumbing" has been hooked up as intended, albeit considerably shorter.  Through it all God was with me... His healing power providing my strength.


It was during this time that I was unable to work that I realized God was calling me into a new venture.  In faith I am stepping out into this venture- as a witness to the power of God and as an attorney to provide legal guidance to those who seek a different way.