Christopher B. Enck, Esq. 

  A Christ-centered attorney in central Pennsylvania

Divorce can be a costly and time consuming. Think about it: 1. Attorneys get paid to resolve conflict; 2. The more conflict in a divorce, the higher the fee an attorney can collect; 3. In the end, it is only the attorney who benefits in a divorce. 

You can handle a divorce without attorneys, but it can be complicated.

There is a solution I can offer. If both parties can agree that a divorce is necessary, let me handle the filings and the paperwork for you. I don't give advice- because I don't represent anyone (or more accurately, I represent both of you- I just keep my opinions to myself). Usually, if everyone does their part, the divorce is finalized in less than six months. The cost is less than you might think.

I can draft custody agreements and property settlements as necessary, and if necessary, help broker an agreement if there is a conflict.